Our Mission

The Sensory-Cognitive Foundation for Learning seeks to provide life-changing learning to individuals of all ages by providing scholarships to attend a Lindamood-Bell Learning Center.

The Need for the Sensory-Cognitive Foundation for Learning

The Sensory-Cognitive Foundation provides scholarships for life-changing instruction to individuals across the lifespan from their early years in school through to post-college/adult.

These individuals struggle in reading, spelling, language comprehension, critical thinking and math. Many have a prior diagnosis of dyslexia, autism spectrum disorder, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) with other co-occurring conditions.

Behavioral and neurologic research shows that these individuals can learn to their potential with sensory-cognitive instruction designed to address reading and language comprehension weaknesses. These improvements directly impact academic and career outcomes, leading to increased engagement and participation in social, educational, and civic pursuits and overall improvement in quality of life.

There is a critical need to help these individuals in extreme financial need receive opportunities for life-changing learning. With your support, we can continue to ensure that more students receive these opportunities for life-changing instruction and we can award more scholarships in the future.