Perla, a 2020 scholarship recipient, attended the Lindamood-Bell Pasadena Learning Center and went from being a nonreader to reading at a second-grade level.

My child’s experience was incredible,” said Robyn, Perla’s mother.

Perla began to struggle in kindergarten and no matter how much time passed, she was not advancing in school. 

“When are you so far behind that you just lose hope?” Robyn asked.

When Perla received a scholarship, everything changed because she finally had access to the tools to succeed.

“The scholarship was really meaningful for us because I think a lot of times when we think about children what separates so many of them is finances,” Robyn explained. “When Perla got this scholarship it’s almost like it leveled the playing field. It was enough to get Perla to where she needs to be, and it gave her an opportunity that we would’ve never been able to give Perla.”